Thursday, February 14, 2013

Paralegal ruins an urgent job

Subject:  Urgent Subpoena emailed to us for service in Eustis Florida

We got a call a few days ago from a legal assistant that needed a subpoena served in 8 days.  I asked if this was a rush job because we charge an extra $25 for rush services.

Red Flag #1- She asked when will routine service go out for service.  We told her no sooner than 48 hours, otherwise it would be rush.  She said fine, do the routine service.  The next day she called to ask if we had served the subpoena and left a voice mail for me.  Of course we were dismayed. We attempted to return her call but couldn't get through the receptionist/answering service.

Red Flag #2- This morning we prepared a work order for the job and noticed there was no copy of a check made out to my company.   Check copies are required after getting stiffed by one too many companies.  So we sent an email to the paralegal and reminded her that the job wouldn't go out until we had a copy of the check emailed to us.

Red Flag #3- The paralegal responded to my email and said she needed an invoice before she would send me a copy of the check.

We responded to her email and told her to find another company.  Now she has 5 days to get the subpoena served and she will definitely be paying the rush fee to another company who undoubtedly will get paid up front.

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